DinPak  LLC  A Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does DINPAK LLC offer online purchases? Does DINPAK LLC offer credit card payment options?

As of 10-01-2015 DINPAK LLC stopped offering online sales/purchases due to a changing business model.

DINPAK LLC is reviewing new and existing customer relationships for consideration in establishing NET Term payment options.  For those customers meeting specific purchasing requirements, a NET Term payment schedule may be offered.

Note: DINPAK LLC does NOT accept credit card payments for purchasing products and/or services.

We thank all of our past online store supporters and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

To request a NET TERMS Account, please email a request
to martypickering@dinpak.com  (subject line: NET TERM ACCOUNT INQUIRY) for consideration.

Who is DinPak, LLC?

DinPak, LLC (dba: SGT. P BRANDS) formerly DinPak Packaging Solutions, is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), located in the Midwest (Chicago area).

DinPak, LLC is a wholesale-distributor and reseller of over 8,000 individual sku items with access to over 45,000+ sku items for immediate resale/distribution through our re-distribution relationships.

Food Service Supplies (Reseller/Distributor).

Jan-San Supplies (Dealer, Reseller/Distributor).

Industrial & Safety Supplies (Reseller/Distributor).

Labels, Decals, Hang Tags etc., (Reseller & Distributor).

Industrial/Commercial Bags (Reseller & Distributor).

Food Service Bags (Reseller/Distributor).

Thermoformed Plastic Tray & Clamshell Container (Reseller & Distributor).

DinPak, LLC is also an Independent Manufacturers Sales Agent **
 (not a broker).  DinPak, LLC offers national representation services to manufacturers we establish agreements with.  We directly represent the product manufacturer for these products and sell to distributors & end users based on those sales agreements:

Printed and Non-Printed Shrink Sleeve Labeling (Cut Bands and Roll Stock available). 

Tamper Evident Preforms (Clear and Printed) with and w/o Perforations.

Miscellaneous Print Products (Sheets, Rolls and Bound).

Paper Bag & Sheet Products.

Folding Carton & Display Boxes (Includes Retail Ready Packaging).

Flexible Packaging (Plastic and Aluminum Supported & Unsupported Foil Film Packaging). 

Thermoformed Plastic Containers.

Plastic Extruded Products (Custom Shapes / Profiles, Tubing, Straws, Stirs etc).

All quotes, products, billing, shipment etc., come directly from the manufacturers.  We do not resell these manufacturer represented products.  As a result, the packaging products sold through/from these manufacturers DO NOT qualify for Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business supplier diversity programs.

Q: Email Privacy is very important to us.

DinPak, LLC does not share or sell customer information to other direct marketers. We do not provide your name, address or e-mail address to another party for any reason.

Please note that our web site contains links to other independent sites. Sites that are independent from DinPak, LLC may not have the same privacy practices. We strongly encourage you to look up and review their practices when you surf to their site.

Q: What shipping rates apply for large items (or) large orders?

A:  We have several shipping options for the orders you place, from single case orders to (FTL ) Full Truck Load orders.  If you are purchasing a large item or large quantities (palletized orders) please contact our sales department for quotes and shipping information.  With all products, large orders get better discounts, so please let us know.  Rates can vary depending on material being shipped, quantity, lift gate requirements, etc.

Is there a minimum required for Preformed Shrink Band, Cut or Flat Band orders?
A: Yes
, When ordering Preformed Shrink Bands the minimum is 1 case, amounts in each case based on size of product is listed below:

90mm - 100mm lay flat size are usually packaged at 20,000 pieces per case.
150mm - 192mm lay flat size are usually packaged at 5,000 pieces per case.
200mm - 283mm lay flat size are usually packaged at 4,000 pieces per case.
300mm - Higher lay flat size are usually packaged at 1,000 pieces per case.

Q: Is there a minimum required for Preformed Shrink Band, Cut or Flat Band orders?

A: Yes,
Flat Band or Cut Band minimum is the amount of Flat or Cut Bands you can yield from Two Rolls of tubing.  Yield from the Two rolls can vary depending on length of Cut or Flat Bands.

What industries do DinPak, LLC serve?
DinPak, LLC provides a variety of packaging solutions available to most industries. Food, Beverage and Product packaging, sporting goods, cosmetic, health and beauty, pharmaceutical and more...  are typically the industries we partner with for Printed Shrink Sleeve, Preformed Shrink Bands, Cut Flats etc., due to the nature of product being offered.

House cleaning services, hotels, facility / building services, business offices, government agencies or household, grocery stores,  supermarkets etc., can take full advantage of out complete line of Certified Compostable and Oxo-Biodegradable Bags.  Trash Receptacle Liners, Produce Bags, T-Shirt Shopping Bags and Reusable Shopping bags.  We offer the flexibility of size through small product bags, shopping bags, produce or 2 gallon to 96 gallon trash liners.

For Food Service Industries, we serve all segments with our line of Food Service Products.  Fast food, takeout, convenience store, deli, sit down dining take home etc.,  take advantage of these items, but when in doubt contact us and we will discuss your packaging requirements and develop a packaging line to fit your needs.  As our client, let us do the work for you.

What is PLA?
  Polylactic acid.

What are the requirements for Biodegradation?

  Heat, anaerobic (or aerobic) biological activity.

  What is the time to Biodegrade?

  1 year to 3+ years, depending on conditions.  1-2 months in a bio-digestion chamber.


  To check out the FTC's Guide for the use of environmental marketing claims
(click here)

Q:  What are ATSM 6954 requirements?

(Click here) to go to the ASTM.org website to read about these requirements.

Q:  What are ATSM D6400 -04 requirements?

A:  (Click here) to go to the ASTM.org website to read about these requirements.

Q:  What are ATSM E2170-01(2008) requirements?

A:  (Click here) to go to the ASTM.org website to read about these requirements.

Q:  What are ISO 18455 requirements?

(Click here)
to go to the ISO website and read about these requirements. 

Q:  Where can I find more information about "Approved" Biodegradable Products?

A:  For a list of BPI, (Biodegradable Products Institute) "Approved Products" please visit the following website 
(click here) for more information.

Q: What are the Terms, Late Fees and Collections for DinPak LLC.

DinPak, LLC works very hard with our clients to provide quality products, great service and competitive pricing.  With approved credit we offer our commercial account customers Net 15 or Net 30 Terms from product shipment date based on arrangements made when their account is established.  DinPak, LLC applies/adds a 1 1/2 % late fee (18% apr) of the total invoiced amount every 30 days.  After 120 days past due, DinPak, LLC submits the past due account to collections along with taking appropriate legal action to receive payment on the open invoices.  Please contact Marty Pickering martypickering@dinpak.com for details or questions about past due account fees and information.  See credit application (download) details.

Where can I find a Composter near me?
Looking for a Composter near you?  Try using
www.findacomposter.com and see if there is one located nearby.

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