DinPak  LLC  A Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business

What To Expect

About US

DINPAK LLC (dba: SGT. P BRANDS) formerly DinPak Packaging Solutions, was originally founded in November 2009 by Marty Pickering, a 20 year Army Veteran with deep roots in the Midwest.  Marty's desire to create a customer centric business was focused on service, diversity in products and competitive pricing.    

DinPak LLC operates with three primary goals. 
1.  Reduce the top heavy, capitol intensive (redundant) aspects of business.
2.  Aggressively negotiate with manufacturers and re-distribution suppliers to increase our capabilities and efficiencies.
3.  Offer exceptional service, quality products and competitive pricing.

At DinPak we don't work hard to increase "our" profits, we work very hard to increase "our customers" profits!  Why?  When you provide an atmosphere where customers are treated fairly, provided with solid product choices and offered a chance to be cost effective,  they keep coming back.  DinPak LLC wants long term business relationships, not single buy sell opportunities.


Manufacturer Direct Packaging Solutions

Some manufacturers are looking for progressive alternatives to typical inside sales staff.  Why?
  • Reduced costs associated with labor, benefits & commissions.
  • Increased return on investment (performance based commissions only).
  • Access to multiple indirect markets.
  • Our sales team sells into multiple markets, locations and offers "One Stop" solutions.
DinPak LLC has a solid relationship with manufacturers serving multiple industries.  
  • End-Users have direct access to manufacturers through Independent Sales Agents (not brokers). 
  • One Stop Shop for procurement personnel, (often overworked sourcing multiple packaging solutions). 
  • Performance Based Commissions for manufacturers who struggle with salary an benefits. 
  • Reduced time for purchasing personnel to source multiple packaging products.

Authorized Distributor - Equipment Dealer and Retail Sales

Based on recent negotiations with several key product manufacturers, wholesale distributors and contract fulfillment establishments, DinPak LLC now offers access to over 45,000 SKU's.  This increasingly broad product base allows DinPak LLC to be your "One Stop Shop"  for most commercial, industrial and governmental applications (contact for details). 

DINPAK LLC has aggressively negotiated with manufacturers, distributors and logistics agencies to reduce overall costs associated with traditional supply chain programs.
  • Our goal is to offer maximum product selections, shorten lead-times and offer competitive pricing. 
  • The result of these efforts is offering large product selections, reduced stagnant inventory, offering lowered prices from reduced overhead and increased supply chain efficiency.  

**  For those organizations who don't see the advantage of a streamlined supply chain via drop shipping or will call options, we provide traditional customer managed inventory programs. 

Customer managed inventory programs are based on:

  • Customers usage, price breaks on volume orders,
  • Required lead-times,
  • Scheduling transport and delivery to end user or distribution center,
  • Scheduled "will call" pickups or delivery through a variety of logistics companies and internal delivery.


Some Chicago area & Midwest locations qualify for FREE shipping/delivery based on order size. 

Our 16 ft Cargo Truck (10500 GVWR) is great for local LTL orders which includes a full size lift gate for dock & curbside service.

For larger orders, (FTL+ quantities) and those delivered outside of Chicago & Midwest locations, we work with key logistics companies to get your product delivered on-time.

** Please review our manufacturers website (or) FAQ page for a full review of biodegradable and compostable product claims, certifications and general information.